I think their defense has adjusted as much as it can. Analysts and sportswriters always pin defense when a team loses a lead or is a favorite losing a series, but this is 90% offensive for the Cavs. If only one person scores with regularity, this team is good, not great; beatable. » 5/26/09 7:41pm 5/26/09 7:41pm

In 1996, I wrote a letter to the Myrtle Beach City Council to try and get the city to adopt "The Umbro Capital of the World" as their state slogan. Sadly, I am still awaiting a response. » 5/22/09 1:29pm 5/22/09 1:29pm

I don't know if anyone commented on this, but Glen Davis knocking a kid out of the way of his celebration was the shit. He's revealed his spirit animal: uncoordinated ibex. » 5/11/09 12:01am 5/11/09 12:01am

Again, I have to reiterate how outstanding it is watching LA blow leads. This, for tonight's purposes, can apply to the Dodgers and Lakers, but mostly the latter. » 4/28/09 1:04am 4/28/09 1:04am